What is raw honey?

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Today’s date, Raw honey is rarely available as the market is fully covered by processed honey as processing will stop honey to go to crystallisation stage by destroying essential nutrients,vitamins,glucose ,fructose,etc from honey.
Raw honey is called to honey when we extract honey from beehive and removes unwanted part like beeswax etc & filter the honey and pack as it is then it’s a raw honey.
In India, only Beekeeper are the source of pure,natural,unprocessed raw honey as they travels in different flowers area along with beeboxes and collects honey.
Most of Beekeeper sell the collected  honey to big brands @ low price so no source to end customer for Raw honey. So to give a end customer pure raw honey we are coming up with Real honey which is our brand that is available online for end customer who wants raw honey for day to day use. Raw honey contains all nutrients,vitamins,enzymes etc in a larger quantity which are very beneficial for health. Consume daily a Spoon of honey will Boost your immunity.Increase stamina even it improves IQ as honey is a source of energy.
Indian market is full of processed honey which is like a sugar syrup so if you are consuming such honey then you wont get the results that you are expected by using honey as processing destroyed everything from honey.

Does honey has different types?
Yes. Honey has different types depending upon the nectar of flowers from which bees collected honey. For example sunflower honey means the honey has nectar of sunflower so honey also has sunflower property like colour , taste etc.

Does raw honey crystallise?
Yes.Raw honey always crystal faster than processed honey because it enrich with glucose and fructose.
Some type of honey crystal in a month like sunflower, musturd etc.

How to eat honey when it becomes crystal?
Eat the honey as it is because honey is also a natural sugar.

Eat Local Beekeepers Raw Honey daily for healthy Life!!

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