Why does all beekeepers honey is by default organic honey?

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Firstly, you need to know the Beekeepers honey collection procedure to understand why we are saying all beekeepers honey is by default organic honey.

Beekeeper maintains honey bee colonies, commonly in man-made hives. Now, Bees Needs nectar from flower to produce honey and if the flowers affected by pesticides  then bees will die so the farm which beekeeper selects is must be free from pesticides then only beekeeper able to collect the honey.

Above is the main reason for all honey collected by beekeeper is organic honey.

Second reason is if beekeeper wont feed antibiotics to bees then the bees collected honey is antibiotic free organic honey as no any impact of antibiotic in honey while bees collecting nectar from flowers. The main thing in producing organic honey are Antibiotic free feeding to bees and no pesticides affected area.

If someone selling honey on the name of organic honey then you should know that honey only produced from organic farm by default.In market most of them are seller who takes the honey from beekeeper and do organic certification and sells the honey at high rate by naming organic honey.

Why Honey has different types like sunflower,acacia etc?

The flower from which bees collected nectar and produces honey on that flower basically the honey type is defined. If beeboxes setup near to sunflower farm and no other flowers nearby then bees collects nectar of sunflower and produces honey so honey color will be yellow like sunflower. similarly for ajwain honey, tulsi honey, forest honey etc.

All type of honey possess samilar properties of honey just taste,color,thickness and crystallisation properties are different for each type.

Why does honey crystallize?

The two principal sugars in honey are fructose (fruit sugar) and glucose (grape sugar). The content of fructose and glucose in honey varies from one type of honey to the other. Generally, the fructose ranges from 30- 44% and glucose from 25- 40%. The balance of these two major sugars causes the crystallization of honey, and the relative percentage of each determines whether it crystallizes rapidly or slowly. What crystallizes is the glucose, due to its lower solubility. Fructose is more soluble in water than glucose and will remain fluid.

When glucose crystallizes, it separates from water and takes the form of tiny crystals. As the crystallization progresses and more glucose crystallizes, those crystals spread throughout the honey.

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