Why You Should buy Raw Honey only from a beekeeper not from a seller?

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Beekeeping is the maintenance of honey bee colonies,commonly in man-made hives and collects natural,unprocessed raw honey. ? ? ?
Beekeeper has created beehive in our beeboxes. One box contains 8-10 beehive plates and Beekeeper travel with these beeboxes as per the season of flowers like sunflower,forest,ajwain etc where bees can work on flower and honey will be stored in beehive plates.
Beekeeper observes beehive plates every time and once the bees collect enough honey then it will setup honey extraction where honey extracted from beehive plates and stored in a big container and sent for packaging.

Who is seller for Raw Honey?

Seller is one who collects honey from different beekeeper and packs & sell honey to end customers.Now,Honey collected by beekeeper has different type and taste and its all depends upon a nectar of flowers. Imagine, A beekeper collected honey from mustard flower and another beekeeper collected honey from wild flower and when these 2 different types mixed with each other do you think you get real honey? the answer would be NO.

Again, seller process the honey to avoid crystallisation but that honey kills all enzymes,vitamins,fructose etc from honey and consumer will get only sugar syrup instead of honey.

Some Seller sells with different types but you can see price range is very high on the name of pure,organic etc. Whenever you think to buy raw honey then always look for a local beekeeper because beekeeper is only source of pure raw honey where you find variety of honey depending upon a nectar of flowers.

Important properties of Beekeeper VS seller.

Beekeeper is producer while seller is good in marketing.

Beekeeper gives you many types of honey depends on nectar while seller takes honey and mixes all types.

Beekeeper wont process the honey while seller process honey to increase shelf life.

Health Benefits of Raw Honey?
  1. Raw Honey useful for weight loss diet.
  2. Raw Honey useful in treating cough.
  3. Raw Honey will Boost immunity.
  4. Raw Honey Improves Digestion.
  5. Raw Honey for Skin Glow.

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