Beekeeping opportunity: Money beyond honey

 In honey

Beekeeping mainly divided into nelow 2 important line of business.

  1. Pollination
  2. Honey collection

More about pollination:

Highly cross-pollinated crops like onion, cotton, oilseeds and most fruits and vegetables depend entirely on winged insects that, during their flights to collect nectar, also transport pollen from one flower to another. “Honeybees are best suited to perform this function. Our experiments have shown an average 30 per cent increase in crop yields – from 17-19 per cent for cotton to 48 per cent in sunflower and 150-170 per cent in lychees – if honeybees are artificially introduced in the fields during the flowering stage even in normal conditions.
Pollinator insect populations have seen reduction – linked to factors from widespread pesticide application,Killing honebees for honey and mono-cropping to climate change — it has spawned a business of artificial introduction of beehive boxes. In Maharashtra, there are professional beekeepers now charging farmers anywhere from Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000 for renting out boxes for a month.
Dinkar Patil the no.1 beekeeper of maharashtra doing this for the last 15 years. Proprietor of the Latur-based pure raw honey owner, he was initially supplying beehive boxes to companies producing onion and vegetable seeds. But in recent years, he has noticed an increasing demand from even farmers for his pollination services. “Much of it is from pomegranate, oilseeds and mustard growers, who have reported sharp dip in the natural bee numbers in their areas. The demand-supply gap is huge, because less no of beekeepers in market.
Beekeeping, promoted as a cottage industry by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission, has so far focused mainly on honey. But now, a new demand avenue has opened up for beekeepers — in the form of pollinators-on-hire services. The beehive boxes are kept for a month or so during the flowering season. Once fruit-setting happens, the boxes are removed and taken to the field of the next crop whose flowering is due. Since flowering happens for different crops all through the year, barring the peak summer and monsoon months, there is a steady demand for the services offered by the likes of Patil.

How does honey produced?

Patil maintains colonies of Apis mellifera or European honeybees that normally travel all over india to collect raw honey of different types like sunflower,tulsi.forest etc and the types are depends upon a site where beeboxes are kept.Patil selling collected raw honey online through website Pure Raw Honey and his main aim is selling raw honey direct to end customer @ low price. Lot’s of seller are selling on the name of raw honey with higher price but with pure raw honey you will get better quality honey @ low price.
Their are lot of opportunity in the beekeeping business where you can work as pollinator and also collecting honey from different flower blossom. If you wish to start your business in beekeeping we are happy to help you just contact on +91-8087697350 and we will discuss further.

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