Where to Buy Raw Honey?

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Where to get best quality raw honey in India?

Many people searching for best quality raw honey across india and they came across many sites selling raw honey. People need to understand the difference between seller and producer and main difference is
producer price is always less than seller price.Beekeeping is growing business in India. Their are many beekeepers who produces natural,unprocessed honey but they dont have marketing skill to sell their orignal honey so seller
takes honey from beekeeper @ low price and sell to consumer @ high price.

Pure raw honey solves above problem and serves own produced raw honey to end consumer @ low price. You can compare raw honey prices,quality from pure raw honey and other sites which gives you a huge difference in price range and in quality as well.

How does Raw Honey produced in India?

Beekeeper is the only producer of raw honey. They travel with beeboxes all over india to collect the honey from different flower bloosom.Beeboxes has bees (Apis melifera) inside which collects the honey from nectar of flower. In 15-20 days the bees collects honey in bee boxes and extraction take place.This extracted raw honey then filtered and packed in a bottle for consumer if it sold by beekeeper.

Why raw honey is best honey to consume?

Raw honey does not gone under any processing after extraction so enzymes,pollen,vitamins etc are present in honey as it is. This is the main reason behind consuming raw honey.

Below is the video of honey extraction from Beefarm.

order on https://www.purerawhoney.co.in

Watch video on https://youtu.be/7gILjRxiJwE

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