which honey are you using processed honey or Raw Honey?

 In honey

The honey is categorized as processed honey where heated honey to avoid crystallisation  and Raw Honey where honey extracted from honeycomb and packed in bottle as it is.

Many of the seller or big brand claims that our honey is raw one but the consumer not able to test Raw Honey VS Processed honey so this article will focus on how to test and identify Raw Honey Vs processed honey.

First Test- Crystallisation Test

crystal honey

crystal honey

Keep in mind, Raw Honey always crystallise as it contains glucose and fructose and ratio of it defines time period of crystallisation. Different types of honey has different crystallisation time. Processed honey will not get crystallised for 1.5 or 2 year as processed honey heated and destroyed all glucose and fructose so that honey wont crystallise so you can see branded honey is placed in shelf of supermarket for 2 years without any impact.

In India, Most of people thinks Honey never crystal and if it get crystal then its fake honey but dear consumer we need to understand honey crystallisation property if you want Raw Honey. Just like coconut oil honey also crystallise and when you heat,it will convert to liquid.

Second Test- Lab Report.

lab report

lab report

The lab report of particular honey mentions whether sample goes for test is Raw or not? No big brand or seller shows you the lab report. With Pure Raw Honey you will get lab report for each type of honey.

No other test will identify whether your honey is processed or Raw so anytime you purchase the honey ask seller about crystallisation or lab report. If you get the honey from local beekeeper like us then that would be a great option because beekeeper never process the honey they just filter the honey.

Shop the raw honey from No.1 Trusted Beekeeper of India Mr. Dinkar patil through website https://www.purerawhoney.co.in as we are on the mission of providing Raw Honey direct to end consumer @ low price all over India because in market all seller sells honey @very high price by taking honey from beekeeper.

Always,take honey from source.

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