Why in India all supermarket or big brand sells processed honey?

 In honey

The main reason behind this is lack of knowledge among the people about honey crystallisation is the main reason behind processed honey. Honey crystallisation is a natural process due to mismatch in glucose and fructose and below is best explanation that everyone should understand about crystallisation.

The two principal sugars in honey are fructose (fruit sugar) and glucose (grape sugar). The content of fructose and glucose in honey varies from one type of honey to the other. Generally, the fructose ranges from 30- 44% and glucose from 25- 40%. The balance of these two major sugars causes the crystallization of honey, and the relative percentage of each determines whether it crystallizes rapidly or slowly. What crystallizes is the glucose, due to its lower solubility. Fructose is more soluble in water than glucose and will remain fluid.

When glucose crystallizes, it separates from water and takes the form of tiny crystals. As the crystallization progresses and more glucose crystallizes, those crystals spread throughout the honey.

So to save brand name the processing honey comes into picture where heating the honey such a way that glucose & fructose will get destroyed and honey won’t crystallises and shelf life of honey increases with people thinking that this honey is pure as it has not crystallised.

Believe me all processed honey is a sugar syrup so stop using processed honey or accept the honey crystallisation.

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